Touring Around the Globe







Playing with John in the Cakewalk booth

at my very first NAMM convention...

Anaheim, CA 1996





What a motley, it's

The Alan Parsons Live Project

on a day trip to the sister island of Gozo

while performing in Malta.




caught in the act...



taking a break with Ann...



relaxing on the tour bus...  




my first trip to Japan...




Jack Bruce, showing me the right way to play

"Theme For An Imaginary Western" 

in a bar in Chicago...



Joking with Alan Parsons at a press

conference in Moscow...




The Alan Parsons Live Project

perform at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow




Presented with soccer shirts for our

encore in Valencia, Spain...




The Acropolis - Athens, Greece... 




Vatican City - Rome, Italy...




  The Coliseum - Rome, Italy





John Montagna and I at the 

Travi Fountains in Rome, Italy - 2005

Maui, Hawaii - 

...The Buddha and I, during the 

2002 "A Walk Down Abbey Road " tour.

...Front page of a newspaper in Mexico

during a 2004 tour.


The John Entwistle Band in the doorway

of "Quarwood", John's 50 room castle in 

The Cotswolds Gloucestershire, England.



Taking some promo shots for

PRS Guitars 'round the back of "Quarwood".


This one was by the archery range featured

in the The Who's "Kids Are Alright" movie.

The scene from the video for "Success Story"

where John is skeet shooting his gold records.








I was very fortunate to get a chance to visit

a Krishna temple in Moscow. The devotees

were so great, they even came to my hotel,

picked me up and drove me back in time

for my sound check at the Kremlin.








Deities on the altar in the temple room

in Moscow. After a little meditation,

the devotees brought me into a guest room

and fed me a vegetarian feast.

Then they took me to a vegetarian restaurant

in a nearby mall, that is run by the temple,

and stocked me up with tons more

vegetarian food and desserts to bring

backstage at the gig.




While traveling across the US on the AWDAR 2002 tour bus, we stopped in a Cracker Barrel

restaurant for breakfast and all bought $3.00 harmonicas in the store on the way out. When we got back on the bus, Jack proceeded to give us a blues harp lesson. He taught us how to bend a note.

Meanwhile, Christopher Cross played along on his "Baby" Taylor.




When we performed in Mumbai, India with Alan Parsons, I traveled for a week on my own and stopped off on my way to Delhi airport at the store where The Beatles bought their sitars on their first trip to India.





With the son of the proprietor,

Mr. Ajay Sharma, who manages the place.

He was showing me a "smaller" scale

sitar equipped with a pickup.

Check out their site at
 Roswell with John Entwistle &

Todd Rundgren.





The members of "A Walk Down Abbey Road"

take an end of show bow in Japan.

Winter 2001



More to come...Stay Tuned