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Due to my beliefs in the teachings of Eastern Philosophy, I have aspirations of someday becoming completely free from material desires. But, right now, I still enjoy searching around on the internet for all kinds of cool looking guitars. I've owned over 50 different guitars in the past 40 years. I currently own about 25, which is probably the most I've ever owned at one time. It may sound like a lot to some folks, but during my down time while recording at John Entwistle's home in England, I helped catalogue his entire guitar collection for a book he was writing with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. John had over 200 guitars & basses! Some other avid collectors have even more than that. Anyway, these pages took me hours and hours of research and tedious work, all of which was enjoyable as well as therapeutic for me. Although there aren't a lot of rare, valuable vintage models here, I think most guitar heads will appreciate some of my collection. So, please have a look around. There's lots of pictures, stories and useless facts. Thanks again for all your support and feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.


Table of Contents


The Early Years


Paul Reed Smith




Beatle Guitars


Miscellaneous Guitars


Fender Stratocasters


New Guitars 2008-2009

...a new addition (but not finished yet)

Amps & Effects Pedals

...it's up and running (but not finished yet)