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Beatle Guitars









John Lennon

"Revolution" Casino



John Lennon 

'65 Reissue Casino



Epiphone "Texan"




Gibson J-160e








"A Walk Down Abbey Road" tour 2002 at Westbury Music Fair

Me with my SJ-200, Mark Farner playing my J-160,

and Jack playing his Gibson EB-1 bass.






Besides 2 Gibson J-160s, Epiphone also gave me 2 of these less expensive Epiphone J-160s at the beginning of the 2001 Walk Down Abbey Road tour.

I gave one to my son, Julian...




They also gave me this 

Epiphone "Texan".

This is the model on which Paul McCartney performed "Yesterday".  

I gave it to Stacy Williams-Snyder, 

one of the backup singers in my Clapton tribute band, as a wedding present.






These guitars were brilliantly hand-painted by a high school friend of mine, Lou Yanez.

(Except for George Harrison/Yellow Sub which was painted by my friend, Marty Muller.)

If you have a guitar you'd like painted, these are the guys to do it.











John Lennon J-45 



George Harrison L-4A



Yellow Submarine LC-1 Cascade



George Harrison/Yellow Submarine J-45




Read a feature article from Premier Guitar Magazine about Lou Yanez 

and see some of the other amazing guitars he has painted by clicking on the cover below...






Headliners from 2003's A Walk Down Abbey Road Show performing with the "Beatle" acoustics

at The Hilton Casino Ballroom, Atlantic City



Joey Molland


Denny Laine


Todd Rundgren


Christopher Cross


Alan Parsons







"A Walk Down Abbey Road" LC-1 Cascade

I gave this guitar as a gift to Toby Ludwig, 

Producer of the Walk Down Abbey Road tours.

It is autographed by Alan Parsons, Todd Rundgren,

Christopher Cross, Joey Molland & Denny Laine.

(Artwork by Lou Yanez)






Another L-4A, with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" Graphic

BTW, "Dark Side" was engineered by Alan Parsons at Abbey Road Studios

(Artwork by Lou Yanez)


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