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John Petrizzi ( isles290@optonline.net)
Date:Mon 13 Feb 2006 08:00:40 PM EST
Subject:Cleveland Park Battle of the Bands 1974
 Hi Godfrey, I doubt you remember me, but hopefully you remember that Battle of the Bands in Cleveland Park in Ridgewood in summer of 74. I was a freshman at C.K. in 73 and played "against" you and your band and Lash Iron Works. I was the young and skinny kid with the black Strat and half Marshall stack with 6" platform shoes. The name of the band was Sting, and somebody got word to me that you thought myself and my bass player were good. Who would have thought you would go as far as you have. Congratulations!!! I still remember you playing Foxey Lady to the tee!!! I think you had a blue Strat? Anyway I'll come see you play soon and introduce myself to you. Best of luck to You!! Johnny

Ed Pods (edpod@up.net)
Date:Mon 13 Feb 2006 07:39:13 PM EST
Subject:Saturday Feb 11th Performance in Houghton MI with KSO
 Hi Godfrey, You gave me a guitar pick, I was the guy in the wheelchair that came up to the stage after the performance. I blurted out a britsh accent compliment "it was wicked bloody pissa" as I mistook you for being british! So I apologize if you thought I was crazy, ha ha. You can pass it on to Alan that the show was a "wicked bloody pissa!" In other words, it was an AMAZING show! Thanks for coming to our part of the world, loved your work and am a new fan indeed. Ed

Dallas Bond (upbonds@up.net and dbond@up.net)
Date:Sat 11 Feb 2006 02:13:57 PM EST
Subject:APLP and KSO
 Godfrey, Wanted to say again Great Show, enjoyed the opportunity to speak with you and the rest of the band. As i said last night I have been a fam of APP since the 70's and after last nights show can only say that just like a Superb Wine, APP has gotten better with Time. Checked out the mp3's, stellar Guitar work. I meant it when I say you don't just play the Guitar, you mold it, shape it, and truly make it a part of your soul. Hope to see the band again in the future. Drop me a copy of the CD when complete and will make sure it hits the Airwaves. Thanks for a Show that will truly be a mark in time here in Houghton. Dallas

Susan Heid Drobysh (SDrobysh@aol.com)
Date:Fri 10 Feb 2006 07:44:57 PM EST
Subject:Hey Godfrey
 Loved seeing you at Artie's block party 2 yrs ago. Didn't get to make it this past year. Saw Debbie back in Nov. when I stayed over at Chrissie's house. I really hope to get to one of your shows this year. Hope all is well. Love & Kisses. Susan

Robert J.Noles (me@n9xs.com)
Date:Tue 07 Feb 2006 10:54:59 PM EST
Subject:St. Louis Shows
 Hi Godfrey. Thanks for the wonderful shows and for chatting with us afterward. It's always a pleasure to see you and the guys. Good luck in Michigan and I'll see you in Reno next month.

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