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Rita Saliba Russo (@starmist14@aol.com)
Date:Tue 24 Jan 2006 07:33:49 PM EST
Subject:Hello after so many years.
 Hi Godfrey. Remember me. When we were all younger you and my brother frank use to sing/play drums in our garge in Laurence Harbor. Your mom was talking to my mom the other day and she gave her your website address. We are all so proud of you. Glad you are still singing and doing so well in your life. If I ever have the chance I will try to catch you in NYC. Stay well and be happy!

KOJI (ramblinbros@hotmail.co.jp)
Date:Tue 17 Jan 2006 09:48:34 AM EST
Subject:Hi again from JAPAN !!
 I came back from last show of Alan Parsons + Denny Laine Japan tour. The venue was packed and the audience got crazy for the performance. I am sure that the hero was Godfrey Townsend himself !!!! His guitar play knocked down all the Japanese fans. Thank you very much for sharing wonderful time. Please please come back to Japan again and hear your wonderful music.

Debbie Basile (Debbi809@aol.om)
Date:Fri 13 Jan 2006 03:46:40 PM EST
Subject:Blast from the Past - Remember Me
 Remember me? Your old neighbor from Canarsie. I happened to be checking out the BB King Blues Club website and came across your name. Actually I noticed a posting originally around the dates of the Cream shows at the garden and I said......no way. It's got to be a coincidence. But low and behold, I went to your website today and it was you alright. I was so happy to see that you're doing what you love so much. And since I haven't heard you play in a while, I'm going to try to make the March date and come out and see you in the city. Hope all is well.

KOJI (ramblinbros@hotmail.co.jp)
Date:Fri 13 Jan 2006 11:58:19 AM EST
Subject:Great show in Japan !!
 Hi, Godfrey. Thank your for letting me know your web site. Just a short note that your performance here in Tokyo today was absolutely fantastic ! The PRS guitar sounded really great. I was knocked down to hear it. Thank you very much for sharing us a wonderful time. Please remember there are many Godfrey fans in Japan ! Best, KOJI

joe de palo (joe.depalo@ny.ddb.com)
Date:Wed 04 Jan 2006 01:03:12 PM EST
Subject:c.k. alumni
 hi godfrey...i went to christ the king with you ...graduated in 1973 so i think i was ahead of you by one or two years...congratulations on your succsess....i am also in the music business...i remember you playing in classes at c.k......p.s. heard from bro. mike sheerin ,he remembers you too....drop me a line sometime....joe de palo...c.k. class of 73...

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