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Alan Duxbury (@aldux@aldux.com)
Date:Mon 08 Dec 2014 01:45:26 PM EST
Subject:Carlisle Pennsylvania
 Hi Godfrey, It was an absolute pleasure to have you stay with us at the Carlisle House B&B along with John, Steve, and Ado. We hope to see you sometime next year if we can organize an evening at the Carlisle Theatre! Best regards, Alan & Mary Duxbury

Ed and Kathy (ed.strus@gmail.com)
Date:Tue 25 Nov 2014 10:37:12 PM EST
Subject:Performance at the Reel
 Godfrey: Great to see you on your turf last week. Wanted to say great show and really enjoyed it. Would have loved to see you perform with John, Many and Steve the next night but the sea was calling..and we had to answer it. Hope to see you next year, as you pass thru the Chicago area with the Turtles, or possibly we will come to you, for a weekend getaway. This time we will get a cab and stay for the entire show. Sorry to leave on you, as you were really getting warmed up. Best wishes, Ed and Kathy PS: the music on the disc is some great stuff.. Some of it sounds Eric Johnson-esque. Please take that as a compliment..

chris stevens (rizzla8669@gmail.com)
Date:Thu 30 Oct 2014 10:20:58 PM EDT
Subject:Trower on Tuesday
 Hello Godfrey, it was nice meeting you at Trower the other night. I was with larry sitting to your left. great show and a pleasure getting to meet you. Hope to see you play live! do you do the Clapton Birthday every year? Great job on the website..your bio is very cool to read, loved some of the stories. Be well. Chris

billy.stiles (billy.stiles@cbmoves.com)
Date:Sun 26 Oct 2014 11:07:44 AM EDT
Subject:Jack Bruce
 So sorry to hear about the passing of Jack Bruce. I know you worked many times with him over the years. Very sad.

Bill (drwkrug@juno.com)
Date:Sat 11 Oct 2014 05:59:34 PM EDT
Subject:Jack O'brien - Hammer
 I remember seeing Alexis at Queens College back in the late 70's. That was a great band! Did you happen to know Jack O'Brien, guitarist from the band Hammer around 1970? He was an immensely talented friend of a friend who was from Elmhurst, Queens NY. Unfortunately, he passed away before I had the opportunity to meet him.

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