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raytuned88 (raytuned88@aol.com)
Date:Sat 28 Sep 2013 07:51:51 AM EDT
Subject:tools of the trade
 hello Godfrey, as a fellow ridgewoodnite,i have seen quite a few shows (Alexis) circa 1979,1980..the Vollermdings show stands -out. i would meet up w/my friend "Dave the pretzel boy from Myrtle Ave. and we see any show we could make. 'one big party" well, i happen to have a Danelectro 6 string electric "67 hornet" truss rods adjust at the head stock,swivel rosewood bridge moveable for intonation,souped-up Lipstick pick-ups original tremolo ,and the pickup guard has that mother of pearl creamy look.alloringal parts and knobs.you stated you wish you still had those lipstick tubes well maybe you just might .in any event let me know? thanks and happy strumming! ....P.S. that was a nice longhorn you have had!!!

john mears. (john.mears@hotmail. co.uk)
Date:Sun 15 Sep 2013 10:02:39 AM EDT
Subject:love your site.
 There is a lack of Soap related item's. ?...... keep on rocking , cheers dear boy...john

mick wood (magic.wood@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Thu 12 Sep 2013 03:13:49 PM EDT
Subject:Who Convention.
 Thanks Godfrey for a great performance at the convention. It was great talking to you- especially your time with John Entwistle. My friend Steve Waite (ex roady)and his wife Marie once took me to meet John as they were great friends of Johns girlfriend Lisa, what a sad lose. By the way your CD is brilliant! hope you do another one. Best Wishes. Mick Wood.

Mark Marcus (mmarcus@aol.com)
Date:Thu 12 Sep 2013 12:22:22 PM EDT
Subject:Happy Together Tour a t Syracuse Fair
 Godfrey it was good to see you again. I will have copies of your impromptu session last year in Syracuse . If you want a DVD copy please e mail me . Thank you also for getting me a pass..I appreciate that . Also that was quite a storm to drive home in ...we had to pull over for 20 minutes as we could not see through the down pour. Sincerely Mark

Dicky Dawes (graham@dawes.com)
Date:Wed 11 Sep 2013 06:54:18 AM EDT
Subject:The man
 Thank you for sparing me a few minutes at the Who convention in Shepherds Bush, you are truly a legend.

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