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Aurora Rametta (myaurora66@msn.com)
Date:Sun 14 Oct 2012 09:25:57 PM EDT
Subject:Enjoying the show.
 Was at the show Saturday night in Bellmore, Really had a good time, Will definately bring some more friends to other performances, Thanks Aurora Rametta aka Donna Cigna in Massapequa

Neville Chesters (Nevfille@Nevsweb.Com)
Date:Mon 01 Oct 2012 11:05:37 AM EDT
Subject:My personal Hero
 I'm sorry that I haven't seen you in Ages, I'm still having Moblity problems and now my Heart is at it again. I have to go back to England to get Hips and Knees sorted( renewed ) but now I've left it so late I will have to get my Ticker sorted first. Also our Joint Buddy Tommy Maher wants You & I to grace the Show again, plus I would love to see Kofi & Malcolm again before I Snuff It. What can I say cept I Love you Guy's and I really want you to be much more appreciated, if anyone deserves it You Do. Love and Best Wishes. Neville

Roberta (rgerrity1@verizon.net)
Date:Wed 26 Sep 2012 08:17:33 PM EDT
Subject:Concert at the Niagara Falls casino
 Enjoyed the Turtle's concert at the casino very much.Godfrey you never stopped smiling when you played your guitar.Thank you so much for your guitar pic and the drum stick. Hope the Turtle's come back to Western New York.YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alwyn McAllen (alwy.mcallen@sympatico.ca)
Date:Mon 24 Sep 2012 03:05:25 PM EDT
Subject:Turtles Concert
 Just to let you know we enjoyed the Turtles Concert at Seneca Casino on Friday night the music was great and brought back a lot of great memories, your guitar playing was amazing and such a pleasure to listen to. I have told my son to listen to you as he is a bass guitar player in a rock band and I know will appreciate your music Many thanks again for a wonderful show Alwyn

Rhona (link2lori@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 23 Sep 2012 06:19:40 PM EDT
Subject:Hi Godfrey, it's Rhona!
 I saw you with The Turtles on Friday the 21st, 2012. BRILLIANT show! I was delighted to get a photo with you and thanks for the guitar pick. FAB website. Keep on smiling. 😊

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