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Margaret (Stanley) from Ridgewood %26 CKHS! (margaret.tobelman@snet.net)
Date:Mon 07 Nov 2005 08:36:27 AM EST
Subject:Blast from the past!
 Hey, Gof! I remember sitting in 77 just hanging out & talking! I got the link for this site from Tim who got it from Vinny (I reconnected with them at our 25th reunion!) and had to take a look! I have thought about you often and always wondered what happened to my bud! It is very cool to see you did just what you wanted to do. It's really good to see the pic of you and your cousin, Pete! I told my kids about you one day when listening to the Who! I also showed them some sketches I've had all these years that you gave me back in the day. Peace! Margaret

Javier Amarilla (jenrichsr@yahoo.com)
Date:Fri 04 Nov 2005 02:55:36 AM EST
Subject:Greets from Buenos Aires
 Godfrey, i want to thank you. I went to see your show with Alan Parson here in Buenos Aires... and thank to you for let me take the photo, before you leave the cinema in Oct 5, would like to have your email to send you the pic.. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON, here in Buenos Aires... Regards Javier

Neville Chesters (NEVPROD@AOL.COM)
Date:Mon 31 Oct 2005 02:07:03 AM EST
Subject:Last Wednesday At B.B. Kings
 Thank you and the band for playing the other night at B.B. Kings, it was a great show and I for one really enjoyed it. And a big "Thank You" for inviting me onstage and introducing me even if I did tell a couple of " Lame Ditties " ( stories ) Thank You. Best Wishes & Much Love. Neville

Kenny B (kabouman@fortlewis.edu)
Date:Fri 28 Oct 2005 11:18:24 PM EDT
 Saw you at BB Kings and all I can say is BRILLIANT!!!! Wow!! When are you coming out to Denver? I'll be there!

Tom Hennessy (tom@thehennessygroup.net)
Date:Fri 28 Oct 2005 06:59:31 PM EDT
Subject:Hey man!
 Hey Godfrey! Great to see you in Vegas with the guys. Hope it won't be so long til next time!

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