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Eddie (eddie.king@detroitbroach.com)
Date:Wed 26 Oct 2005 11:49:06 AM EDT
Subject:FOUND IT!
 Nice site. I have been going to the old one for about a month. I'm glad I found this one. Just another way to break up my day. Murph sent me a flyer for the show tonight, wish I could make it. Will get a chance to see yall jam someday. Give em hell tonight and always. Tell Murph he should update his a little more often.

Avner (AvnerMusic@aol.com)
Date:Tue 25 Oct 2005 10:23:49 PM EDT
Subject:You`re the best!
 It was nice singing and playing on stage with you last week. Keep the good work,you’re the best. C U Soon. Avner!

michaeltownsend (michaeltownsend@cox.net)
Date:Sat 22 Oct 2005 03:04:45 PM EDT
Subject:Hello Cousin Godfrey
 Hello Godfrey: I am your first cousin Michael. You know, son of your uncle Michael(deceased) and aunt Sheila. I encountered you on the WEB and am astonished by your career accomplishments. Reminded me of when we were all in NY and Sgt. Pepper album had just come out. You and my sister Tracy would not, or could not stop playing and singing the tunes. Anyway, I now live in Ne Orleans. We are trying to recover from the recent storm. The city is a mess but will no doubt be back before long. If you ever get this way, you must let me know. Would love to host you and your group. Anyway, a pleasure reading of all your exploits. Please keep in touch(something I have been very bad at my entire adult life), look forward to hooking up with you some time. Love Michael.

Alan Gottesman (alan.gottesman@dyntek.com)
Date:Wed 19 Oct 2005 04:30:50 PM EDT
Subject:New Website!
 Hi Godfrey, I wanted to join the chorus of those who are saying how great it is that you have a new website!I will be seeing you on the 26th after Cream. I got tix for that date so I could come see you afterwards. It'll be great to see how Ginger plays the parts I am still trying to learn :'> Hope all is well, see you next week! Alan

Linda (@linco515@aol.com)
Date:Tue 18 Oct 2005 12:24:41 AM EDT
Subject:hello and happy birthday!!
 Hi Godfrey- Congratulations on your fabulous new website. I wish you happiness on your Birthday and all the days of your life. You are a truly special man. Namaste! Love- Linda

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