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Sal - Ridgewood (spyderman@optonline.com)
Date:Mon 19 Apr 2010 12:52:19 PM EDT
Subject:Long, long, time ago
 I go back to Ridgewood and your Alexis days with Andy and others...White Lie was our group then and Geroge was our front. Happy to see you going really strong and good luck at Crossroads, gotta get you there...

Chris Hollmann (@chrishollmann@yahoo.com)
Date:Fri 16 Apr 2010 11:55:24 AM EDT
Subject:good luck with crossroads......
 hi, u r good friends with a friend of mine... john croce... u also know my father daniel mahoney..........i live in wisconsin.... hope to c u soon...........

Dennis Niec (dennisniec@gmail.com)
Date:Wed 14 Apr 2010 08:15:37 AM EDT
 Great to connect with you via this web site. We've noticed you many times working on stage with our heroes. You are a gifted guitarist and it shows how much you love the music and performing. See you again, soon. kimndennis.com

John Accardo (johnaccardo581@gmail.com)
Date:Tue 13 Apr 2010 01:31:49 PM EDT
 Hey Godfrey,You've come a long way since the "Crullers and Dust" philosophy you were preaching at the Continental Theater midnight show in the mid '70s.I remember it had something to do with picturing Bambi on your dinner table!

Alan LePine (alan.lepine@bigpond.com)
Date:Mon 05 Apr 2010 01:54:52 AM EDT
Subject:souds great
 Love the sound! We don't get much like that in the Land Down Under, great to hear.

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