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Al (AEdwa85506@aol.com)
Date:Wed 12 Oct 2005 11:09:41 PM EDT
Subject:Web Page
 Looks good....it's about time. See you soon

John Montagna (jm@johnmontagna.com)
Date:Mon 10 Oct 2005 01:04:22 PM EDT
Subject:Uh, sir......
 Congratulations on the website! I'm looking forward to rocking NYC with you and the boys in the coming weeks. Very nice...... Be well JM

Diego Villasanti (diegojr@ci.com.py)
Date:Wed 28 Sep 2005 06:10:30 PM EDT
Subject:A big THANK YOU from Asuncion Paraguay
 Dear Mr Townsend My name is Diego Villasanti , Im 22 and im from Asuncion, Paraguay. I would like to thank you, Alan Parsons and all the guys in the band for the great show you all played at Asuncion. It was a magical night, especially when PJ called everyone in front of the stage, that was awesome, me and my 15 years old sister jumped and sang along all night long. I could see you playing and for me, as a music lover and as an amateur guitar player, it was pure magic. Its hard to describe it, but you are one of the greats. The way you played that night changed my mind in many ways. I think I learned a lot of things from you that night. That's the feeling I had 10 years ago when I first listened to Mark Knopfler ( he is my guitar hero), and I had that same feeling when I heard you playing. Think I have another guitar hero!!!! Thank You so much again, and thanks for being so nice with everyone, and for having a picture with me. Take Care, good luck with the rest of the tour, and keep on rocking!!! Best Diego Villasanti

jason green (thethumb2002@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 28 Sep 2005 12:51:45 AM EDT
 Hey Godfrey it's Jason Green, guitar player, I play with the Felix Cabrera Band. Your website looks great! I will try and make it to a show sometime. I just got a website going myself, check it out. http://www.jasongreenguitar.com

Mike Mantei (mmantei@wi.rr.com)
Date:Thu 22 Sep 2005 07:55:49 AM EDT
Subject:Web site and such
 Great job getting the web site up and running. It's about time. Feel free to use any of the pics I've sent you (just give me credit for them) :) More are on the way. The pics from Milwaukee came out great. Feel free to link to my APLP photo web site http://www.ap-liveproject.tk. Some Internet providers don't like the .TK domain. Try this link. It should work fine. http://mmantei.mm.funpic.org/ See ya next time.

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