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Sandra (Johnson) Kelley (sjkelley7@earthlink.net)
Date:Wed 23 Sep 2009 12:32:13 AM EDT
Subject:Your website
 I enjoyed reading your website and looking at your photos of your past tours. I believe the last time I saw you was at the Taste of Minnesota 2001. I remember after your performance with everyone, John Enwistle, you, couple of my friends and I were sitting behind the stage and we were talking and laughing because everyone forgot about you two in the middle of St. Paul, MN near the State Capitol. I offered you two a ride back to I believe the St. Paul hotel. John said, someone will come back for us. When you played with the John Enwistle band at the House of Blues, NAMM, The Coach House etc. were so much fun! Even Sue and Sidelle agreed too. Ah the memories. I enjoyed looking at your memorial to John Enwistle. The pranks you two played on each other - ha! Thank you for sharing. It was a pleasure of knowing John. I will try to pay closer attention to your website when you come out to perform in Minnesota.

Jerry Bennett (yourpartywizards@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 20 Sep 2009 01:21:15 AM EDT
Subject:ALL your Milwaukee performances
 Thank you for returning again to our fine city. What a pleasure to have you all here! Live music is always the best and you provided another five-star show! Plus being allowed to meet you after the perfomance. That is true character. Having seen you on all your previous visits I missed the opening cue for tickets. The concert sold-out in three days I was told. That didn't stop me from calling every source I knew to try to get a ticket. No luck...until the day before the show when I called the box office. The band must've released some! I now had prymiad's in my head! Prime Time...indeed! I salute you and look forward to your next live perfomance here in Milwaukee. Cheers! Forever a fan,Jerry Bennett

Walter E Clayton Jr (wclayton@nyccarpenter.com)
Date:Fri 18 Sep 2009 03:40:33 PM EDT
Subject:When we was young
 Do you remember Me

billy trotta (wtrotta@aol.com)
Date:Sun 13 Sep 2009 08:43:45 PM EDT
Subject:whats happening godfrey
 hey man hows it going, long time no see. yea it,s me from the old hood. great site, jim copola been telling me about your site, great trip so far man. looking forward to seeing you soon.love your sound , so cool to just sit back and rock out to.....

Mike Reindl (mreindl2008@wi.rr.com)
Date:Sat 12 Sep 2009 01:54:48 PM EDT
Subject:Wed in Milwaukee (9/9/09)
 Godfrey, My wife Deb and I want to again express our appreciation for the fabulous show you and your bandmates in the Alan Parsons Live Project performed on Wed. 9/9/09 at the Potowatomi Casino in Milwaukee. Deb and I, along with our 2 sons, have seen numerous classic rock shows, but she has never come away from a show more impressed with the musicianship and talent presented by the APLP. Being an amatuer singer in church and choral choirs, Deb always critiques performances based on the vocals. Seeing 6 part harmonies, with each bandmember taking lead vocal duties an various tracks left quite a positive impression on her. Me, give me the instrumental performances, as I could only wish that I could do what you do on guitar and keyboards, not to mention what John, Steve, Manny, and of course Mr. Parsons do on their respective instruments. We'd also like to thank you for the post show meet and greet. It was a pleasure to meet you and the other members of the APLP in person, express our gratitude, shake your hands, and meet each of you "on the level". Your gratiousness and patience with your fans was a treat to experience. We're looking forward to your next return visit to Milwaukee. Saw you website picture with one of Milwaukee's favorite musical sons, Daryl Stuermer. It would be great to see you swing back to Brew City and trade licks with Daryl. Thanks again! Peace, Mike and Deb Reindl

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