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Cam (camtalks2much@everestkc.net)
Date:Sun 09 Aug 2009 11:39:11 AM EDT
Subject:Greetings and thanks!
 Hello Godfrey! I am currently listening to your c.d. nearly every night as I prepare for nightly meditation. I must say it is quite a comfort to me as I am in Germany currently and greatly miss my family and friends. As i listen and recall what I truly love in life, i.e. music, life itself, love, family, and friends, I realize that I am never truly far from what I hold dear! On a side note, I return to the U.S. on the 17th of August. I cannot wait to see you and the rest of APLP in September in Kansas City! I look greatly forward to it and hopefully getting to see/speak to you again. It is always nice sharing/reflecting one's experiences! Again, I cannot wait! Always with kind regards... Namaste, ~Cam

Eric Reed family / Barstow Ca. (hi.highend@verizon.net)
Date:Thu 30 Jul 2009 12:32:05 AM EDT
Subject:You rock !!!! Family says hello :-)
 Hey Godfred, I was bummed about not getting to see you when Alan comes to L.A. Aug 6th, I don't know if it will be the same ? I wish I could come see you at the fest but you know the world is hurt'in cashwise so I do too right now. We will look forward to seeing you at the next Alan gig Take care aways !!!!! The Reed family ( reconition code word "Barstow" (LOL) BTW Thanks for remember us, you're the best !!!

Maria Tompkins Capasso (bonbon.3@netzero.com)
Date:Thu 30 Jul 2009 12:24:41 AM EDT
Subject:Hello It's Good To see you...
 Dear Godfrey, Seeing your website brought back alot of memories. I used to see you play in Ridgewood.(At Woodstocks)I thought you were one of the best guitarists that I ever saw,and I never forgot about you.I don't know if you will remember me as Maria,because you always would call me "Jailbait".I'm very glad to see how well you are doing.I'm hoping to go to one of your shows soon. All the Best,Maria aka "Jailbait"

Stockton Todd Holden (birdballz@verizon.net)
Date:Sun 26 Jul 2009 06:58:37 PM EDT
Subject:notes on the Ram's Head Show....July 19,2009
 NO GOOD BELIEVING IN SOMEBODY ELSE TODD HOLDEN© FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A recording engineer for the Beatles in 1968 at Abbey Road, working on Let It Be at the crisp, tender age of eighteen British born Alan Parsons etched a career in sound and imagery far ahead of where his next paycheck was coming from. Now 61 and touring with the instantly recognizable Alan Parsons Project, Mr. Parsons has evolved from engineer, control room master-mind, to composer, and belatedly to live stage performer. His unique genre of music is a perfect blend of popular, soulful, ethereal sounds with a good dose of driving rhythms and well-crafted compositions pleasing to all who listen. What is truly amazing about Mr. Parsons is how he has not only created the songs, but that even from the back of the stage and behind his band mates he quietly orchestrates the performances in such a subtle way as to render himself invisible to all but the music. Each of the members of the Project is quite talented in their own right, but make no mistake, Alan Parsons is musical director behind this group. With his band mates, the ‘Eye In The Sky’ genius hit the boards at Ram’s Head Tavern recently, playing the last stateside show before embarking on a tour of Germany. “We’re pleased to announce all of our c.d.’s are being re-mastered and re-issued...for far greater sound...and you can buy them all over again,” Parsons announced from the small stage at the intimate venue in Maryland’s capitol. He seemed almost embarrassed to be hawking his own material, but when the music was playing the pride of creation shown through. The six-piece band played non-stop for 90 minutes to sold out shows, both on Sunday. Such gems as “Time”, “I Robot”, “Eye In The Sky” and “Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You” totally mesmerized the audience on hand. Godfrey Townsend, lead guitarist, playing a locally manufactured Paul Reed Smith guitar had only recently ordered some strings from the local company, and from the playing and rip-roaring riffs he pulled off, no wonder extra strings must be kept on hand. Remaining band members are John Montagna, Steve Murphy, Alan Parsons, PJ Ollson and Mann Focarazzo. “Who knows if we’ll ever meet again...if ever…” The familiar tunes wowed the fans and some not so familiar were greeted with enthusiasm and wild applause. Song after song, it was readily apparent that this was a well organized unit of musicians, each complementing the other with rhythms, bass runs, lead work on guitar and keyboards that all seemed to flow into one sound. Different from almost any other band you might hear live, there was no flashy stage presence or showboating by any one player. In fact, through the course of the evening each member of the group took a turn at singing a lead vocal…and all were good. Always in the mix, although not in the spotlight, Alan Parsons played acoustic guitar and sang harmony and backup vocals throughout the night. Given that these songs were his own creation, the selfless love of music showed majestically that he would prefer to let the songs speak for themselves. An honorable approach for such a prodigious talent. The bartender at a nearby pub commented that Alan Parsons usually stays at his house in Annapolis whenever he plays at the Ram’s Head...and here was the bar-keep, tending bar, and serving me a soft-shell crab sandwich, while the star was finishing a last cup of coffee and being driven in to the venue. A cult following for sure...and the never ending touring of a genius of sound...behind the Beatles, and of course Pink Floyd for many years....the Alan Parsons Project is well worth the listen...again.

Ron Zabrocki (rzabrocki@sbcglobal.net)
Date:Tue 21 Jul 2009 02:02:51 PM EDT
Subject:Memories and a GREAT SITE!
 GOD!!! Your site brought back soooo many memories..seems it's odd we never collided more on the way! From Lenny Campanelli (who lived across the street from me on Sutter Ave), to Sal Caruso (I owned an SG of his after his passing), to Vinnia Kalman (who "borrowed" and sold my Marshall Major!!! when he was in Brooklyn...he paid me for it some 20 years later!), to all the gear pics...I probably owned all the same gear from the Univox amps to the the guitars..wish I had all the pics you have! Played at the Coventry and all those dances in all the Ridgewood schools! But I do remember seeing you often and being in awe...I know I stole as much as I could from your arsenal of licks! Down the road! Ron Zabrocki

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