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Gene Renne (genarbobby@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 15 Jul 2009 03:09:38 PM EDT
 Hey Godfrey,I was fortunate enough to catch you play last summer.You and the band were great!I too love to play and sing and you've created an inspiration for me.At this time I'm not playin too much but back in March I did preform live in a bar out on LI.Anyway watching you play Clapton and other fantastic music(Harrison)-you keep me inspired to learn and play more.I hope to catch you again soon and will keep watching you play on youtube-until then "Let It Grow"-awesome.Love Gene!

vincent walker (vincwa@aol.com)
Date:Fri 10 Jul 2009 03:29:44 AM EDT
 i month will complete a 40 yr circle as for at least as long as we know each other.barring acatostophic good ole boy hurricane i look forward to enjoying the show.

Michael Schiavone (brando1@me.com)
Date:Tue 07 Jul 2009 10:59:37 PM EDT
Subject:Good to see you on facebook.
 Hey G, Just letting you know I do check your website from time to time. Perhaps we can get together before you tour. Thurs night might be good. Let me know. Rgds M

George Potsos (georgepotsos@gmail.com)
Date:Wed 01 Jul 2009 10:27:00 PM EDT
Subject:7 of is hot as hell
 hey man just wanted to say I really dig the way you play. we would be a perfect fit together jamming. This is george potsos, pro bassist and good friends with Ms Julie Lamb. I couldn't @#$%ing believe the star trek story because I fall asleep watching the show too! ask anyone in my band. weird coincidence right? good luck, GP

The Hitman (@sfg2002nlchamps@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 28 Jun 2009 12:51:44 PM EDT
Subject:Friday Elks Club
 Godfrey, hey, I had a blast playing those 2 songs with you. You helped knock a little of the rust off, let's do it again at Scott's party in Oct. Great seeing you again, and will try to make it to B B King's. Hank "The Shuffle Drummer".

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