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Gene Focarelli (gene625@gmail.com)
Date:Fri 06 Mar 2009 01:27:44 PM EST
Subject:John Entwistle
 The 1st time I saw The Who was at a soccor field in the Bronx 72' and Cat Stevens open up for them.I wasn't into the bass but seeing the way John played just blew me away. I had the privilage of seeing them many times after and up front and personal when he was with Ringo's allstar band. I never knew anyonw who could move their fingers on the bass so fast and you were able to hear every note. We lost a great one and heaven has one hell of a band playing now.

Duncan Wright (duncanwrightd3@aim.com)
Date:Sat 28 Feb 2009 02:25:45 PM EST
Subject:Hello Hello
 How are you, God? I see that you're playing w/ the boys on Mar 14. I was wondering if I could take you up on that offer to play "Out on the Tulls" with you and steve? I've been waiting. In the meantime..... Cheers! It's been a while. Looking forward to seeing you. Duncan

Nathan Barber (nathan@barbermusic.org)
Date:Fri 27 Feb 2009 05:21:09 PM EST
Subject:Beethoven Rocks
 Hi Godfrey, your Moonlight Sonata rocks!! I hope I have a chance to see you at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April. Nathan

Gary (ga_ry@sbcglobal.net@)
Date:Tue 24 Feb 2009 11:40:35 PM EST
Subject:Just a note
 Hello Godfrey, Sandi just got a hold of me about the lizard. Thanks for getting back to her. Hey, it was great to see you again onstage with Joey. Jack put on a damn good show as well. Yeh, I know it was August but I don't write too much. Guess to see you again this summer with Joey again. Take care mate, Gary Hays Badfinger '82-'83

Tommie (simibaby714@aol.com)
Date:Tue 24 Feb 2009 09:45:09 PM EST
Subject:Jack Bruce Tour
 Hi, Godfrey. Caught you, Jack & Murphy last August in N. J. on the "Hippiefest" tour. Was so fortunate to see you guys do a long set together. Also, seeing you 3 times this April in NYC, Albany and NJ. Is the band just you, Jack and Steve again? That'd be great! Guess Jack's in good health now? Peace.

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