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Tom (tcriscuola@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 29 Aug 2007 09:36:43 PM EDT
Subject:Old days
 I use to see you back in the old days when you played in Alexis. I believe it was at a club called Dollar Bills, it was also called Woodstocks. I was friends with Pat, the owner. It's nice to see someone from the old neighborhood make it. I remember you guys use to play thru Legend Amps. I had one that I still have, it's a fifty watt head Serial #000110 and I was told that mine is one of the first ones that Legend made. I also have the original 12" speaker cabinet with a nice celestion speaker in it. Now it only collects dust down in my basement. Every time I see it, it reminds me of the old days and seeing you with Alexis back in Ridgewood. You still sound great and I will be ordering your latest CD. Keep on Rockin. PS I thought I saw you at BB Kingg's a few months back when Glenn Hughes was playing. I was going to say hello but the place was packed and I didn't get the chance. Tom

Ryan Empson (ryanjempson@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Sat 25 Aug 2007 07:46:19 AM EDT
Subject:Well its here!!!
 My copy of easy journey to other planets arrived yesterday and i've played it all the way through (the way you suggested) 3 times!!! I find it amazing that Rock musics greatest voice (the electric guitar) can produce such beautiful and calming music. I do a lot of meditating and think playing EJTOP in the background will be a wonderfull way to incorporate my favourite genre of music. I give this album 10/10 and its the best cd i've bought in years! totally original, totally Awsome! This is Rock music for the soul and I look forward to another installment (please don't wait another 10 years! lol) Well thanks Godfrey it was well worth the wait and is fantastic! Oh by the way I hope you recieved my last email, and I look forward to hearing from you after your tour. Many thanks and peace. Ryan

Colleen (Crcbonjour@aol.com)
Date:Thu 23 Aug 2007 06:14:35 PM EDT
Subject:Awesome CD %26 Hello from Brooklyn
 Hey Godfrey! I was probably among the first to order your CD and although it took me this long to write, in no way does it have anything to do with HOW AWESOME that disc is!! I'd played it in my car (has a great sound system - or did before I totaled it this June and have been recovering from accident; hence more of the delay) and was completely transported by the mastery and beauty of the music, the production - it was/is flawless. I so did go to another "Planet" which is what I want from EXCELLENT music and is exactly what happened......even got goose bumps, perhaps because I know you and was just so overwhelmed with joy at your dream come true, and having worked on it with other mega talented performers. Steve's influences are well noted and have an impressive impact that only a musician of Murphy's caliber can bring to a project and meld so well with your music. You two "get" each other and so with you two it's just like one of those infamous musical collaborations; I've no doubt folks will be adding your pairing to those magical pairings in music history. It's all there on the disc. Another thing was, as I was listening (and a closeted writer) on certain tracks, the music spoke to me so deeply that I could hear lyrics in my head. Again, superb production makes for a full sound and does things to one's brain. In some cases, I guess my brain was able to think of words to go along with such amazing sounds. But it wasn't because the sound wasn't enough - it was because the sound was so scintillating and got my creative juices flowing. Art breeds art, I think; when you hear or see beauty, the brain can't help but be moved by it in all sorts of ways. But after years of seeing you, Murph and the guys play, I knew you were masterful talents and always enjoyed every show. Now that you've dropped this - your first piece of musical genius that proves you can't just play music-you ARE music (but anyone WATCHING you play would kind of get this feeling themselves - you SLAY those strings & frets) well, it's quite honestly it's a joy as a fan to see this happen to you, knowing that it's taken a lot of work but also seeing how much success you've achieved since I got to know you and just knowing that you've been able to make a living playing music - well that's just awesome right there. But now, you've brought it to the next level - well, into the stratosphere really as you've knocked this one right out of the park as only you could, and now guitar players all over are hearing for themselves what it SHOULD really sound like and if it doesn't, PUT DOWN THE STRAT AND WALK AWAY....clearly, they don't have the chops and should try something else. Cause Godfrey, now we can say sometimes you DO Clapton, but NOW, GODFREY is GODfrey!!! And that is how it's done, folks. With much fondness & admiration & congratulations to you now & always! Colleen in Brooklyn Hope to see you at a gig soon! Want to get my disc signed!

Ryan Empson (@RyanJempson@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Wed 15 Aug 2007 04:26:13 AM EDT
Subject:Hello again!
 Hi Godfrey, I ordered E.J.T.O.P and can't wait til it arrives the samples are just awsome! Yesterday I picked up a copy of an Ox's tale after reading what you said about it having the 99 woodstock concert on it and its fantastic! Your playing is unbelievable!! I too am a Clapton fan and have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and getting several albums signed. Id love to get your signature to add to my rock collection if thats possible it'd be great. Oh and one more thing, I can't get hold of a copy of music from Van Pires for love nor money so any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks for your time and Rock on!

Sarah Tidmarsh (Townsend) (sarah_tidmarsh@yahoo.com.au)
Date:Tue 14 Aug 2007 08:25:46 PM EDT
Subject:Greetings from Brisbane Australia
 Have just been surfing the net and found your web site just awesome any chance of seeing you in Oz? Would just love to catch up.

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