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MadMaven (madmaven@madmaven.net)
Date:Sat 14 Jul 2007 06:22:18 AM EDT
Subject:hello to you from Florida!
 Hi Godfrey! It was terrific meeting you and the gang backstage { Ruth Eckerd Hall/Clearwater, Fl}. Talking to you was a pleasure and my kids are still dazzled by all the time P.J. devoted to them, just hangin out and talking about kid shows! You are all so warm and friendly, as well as {obviously-IMMENSLEY talented, and I hope you continue to enjoy life and good health! Please check out the photos on my website from the concert. Best Wishes always / MadMaven & Family www.madmaven.net

Pascal (pascal@syngularity.de)
Date:Fri 06 Jul 2007 12:46:17 PM EDT
Subject:Thank you for this magical album!
 Hello Godfrey, I must admit that I didn't know your guitars before you joined Alan's music... Now I'm just blown away by your instrumental album and want to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A NEW JOURNEY WITH ADVENTUROUS MUSIC! Cheers, Pascal http://www.syngularity.de

Larry Willis (atmo1@comcast.net)
Date:Wed 04 Jul 2007 12:01:08 AM EDT
Subject:Davis Gig Pictures for you. Need your email address to send...
 Hi Godfrey, I have some good pictures of you from the Davis gig. I would like to send them, but need your email address. Had a great time at Davis as well as Las Vegas two months ago. Hope you are well and healthy. All the best, Larry (The A/P List Guy)

Don Ho (luckygoldstar@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 27 Jun 2007 09:03:52 PM EDT
Subject:New CD
 Love the instrumental stuff Godfrey ! Me want more......

pearl (@jimmypearl@hotmail.com)
Date:Mon 25 Jun 2007 12:01:25 PM EDT
Subject:meeting in the park
  hello godfrey my humble apologize for confusing what you believe in with buddism ,i am trying to find some sort of spiritual some were still looking but in general am happy,in anycase i was happy to see you ........peace one love pearl

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