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Joey Pandolfo (joe.pandolfo@corp.idt.net)
Date:Fri 27 Oct 2006 03:36:07 PM EDT
Subject:Sorry I missed you, happy b-day!
 Dear Godfrey, I apologize for missing you and the guys at Canno's this October, and especially your b-day. It seems like just the other day when I met you, playing at Sally-O's in Greenpoint, NY (yeah, I was 17 or 18 at the time....lol!) - still remember the first time we played "gettin' betta"...... I will never forget it - you've been a great inspiration for me over the years. I wish you many more b-days to come, and look forward to jamming with you and the guys again as always! Stay well, I'll see you soon! Regards, Joey Pandolfo

Date:Thu 26 Oct 2006 09:39:58 PM EDT
Subject:HAPPY 50TH!-GOFF
 You're a great person, as well as being so talented. Thanks for all the great times, and here's to another 50!...Jeff,

rob gozzer (@poconomountainguitars@yahoo.com)
Date:Tue 17 Oct 2006 07:33:45 PM EDT
 Sometimes I forget to say things to people, and although we speak on a regular basis, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. This means everything from the beginning of time that I have known you. You have always been a true friend and a great inspiration. We have been thru a lot of times together and I would just like everyone looking to know what a great person that you are. May God bless you and your family. Love always, The Big Pigs. P.S. I'll will Talk to tomorrow.

Bjorn Ciggaar (b.ciggaar@casema.nl)
Date:Thu 28 Sep 2006 02:21:58 PM EDT
Subject:Long Live Rock!
 Hi Godfrey! Nice to see you're still rockin'! I should come by and see you again sometime... Untill then I have those great, great memories of rock'n'roll MAYHEM of chasing around the John Entwistle Band. That was an amazing experience. Chasing that tour bus. From Vermont I took a plane to NYC, and I arrived in NYC before you guys did. And I remember you all got down with something on that bus. On the last tour you gave me your little jar of organic honey as a memorabilia. That was like 5 years ago and I still have that jar. It probably still has your bacteria in it. Anyway, now I'm singing in a band, trying to be a superduperstar. And trying to be a biological vegetarian. HOPE YOU'RE DOING GREAT! All the best, Bjorn

subji (subjipadu@yahoo.com)
Date:Mon 25 Sep 2006 02:28:02 AM EDT
 Its been a while since Ive seen you. I belive the last time was @ The new ritz back stage @ a Todd concert. Years ago as well @ the Krishnas. All the best. J

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