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cathy (@frenz247@aol.com)
Date:Mon 06 Mar 2006 09:16:05 PM EST
Subject:harrison tribute
 excellent show.. you guys are my favorite activity so enjoyed it stayed for almost both, got tired will for sure be at kings for clapton nite, was there last year and sat front row hope to get such a good seat this year, epecially since i have tremendous crush on your drummer send steve my regards wrote u the morning after cannos requesting set list for a freind from nhite i realize you are very bz but if you get the chance i need to tell every one about it and i have the worst memory for song names thanks cath

Jeff Graveline (mysize@comcast.net)
Date:Sun 05 Mar 2006 09:27:57 PM EST
 Godfrey, Great site w/ tons of interesting topics. I especially like the info. on John Entwistle. We have had the opportunity to speak a few times either after a JEB show or during Matinee Madness......I really miss those shows. Here's a quick thank you story. Aside from my great family and friends you have afforded me a great memory that will stay with me forever. In June of 2000 at a JEB Matinee Madness event in Portland ME I had the chance to get on stage with the JEB and sing my all time favorite song My Wife. You guys where great fun. I used John's mic and remember turning around to see John leaning against his stack of speakers playing away....it did'nt seem real. I was stunned by the feeling of the sound coming out of the cabinets directly behind me. Anyway, I got through the song pretty good and remembered all the words.....somewhat in tune. What a thrill to be able to sing with the legendary Ox and his band! A friend of mine took photos and and recorded an MP3 file for me. I cannot tell you what a thrill that was and how great it is to have photos and a recorded copy. I consider myself very lucky! JE is my musical hero. Since John has left us I have purchased a bass and some Ashdown equiptment. So far I can play few Who tunes, Cream's Sunshine of Your Love and a few others. I may never be a great bass guitarest but I will have fun trying. Your work with John and the Walk Down Abby Road band is fantastic. It is great to see that you will be getting out to do some show's in the New England area. I will be at the Clapton is Godfrey show in Cambridge. Hopefully I will get a chance to say hi or hear from you. Thanks again for the great site and the opportunity to write. Jeff

Randy Mallet (randymallet@speedy.com.ar)
Date:Thu 02 Mar 2006 07:11:36 PM EST
Subject:Our meeting in Buenos Aires the last September 2005
 Hi Godfrey, It´s a big pleasure to put in touch with you again. I remember our after show meeting in Buenos Aires at the Panamericano Hotel; it was a fun night. I hope we will meet again if you come back to BA. See you next time, Cheers Randy

John Pointer (pointer356@earthlink.net)
Date:Wed 01 Mar 2006 11:31:53 AM EST
Subject:Just saying hello
 I just thought that since I was giving you a hard time on the Dearboy site about whether or not to eat meat, that I should check out your website. I knew of course you played with JAE, but I wasnt aware of your other projects - Im looking forward to checking them out. jp

Rudy (@trekkie618@aol.com)
Date:Wed 01 Mar 2006 07:44:42 AM EST
Subject:George Harrison Tribute
 Hey Godfrey. Just wanted to say the George Harrison show on Saturday was fantastic, very special. It's a rare occasion to hear George's music,live and in a packed house! "The Band With No Name" and the guys from Wonderous Stories do make a great team! I also appreciated Joshua Greene, the author of Here Comes the Sun, being there, I wish he could have stuck around to sign my book. Good luck with your annual Clapton show at BB's this month, Maybe you can squeeze in one of your MP3's I just listened to, I'd love to hear them live! Thanks again for another night of music worth going out to hear! Haribol!

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