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"Here Comes The Sun"


One of  the most "stellar" moments of my career was getting to sing

George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun", in the Summer of 2001

at Westbury, Long Island with Ann Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Alan Parsons

and David Pack singing backup and John Entwistle playing bass.

That's Ann introducing me and that's you guys yelling "GODFREY"!!!

Taken from a bootleg given to me by a fan.

Westbury Music Fair, Long Island July 19th, 2001



"Here Comes The Sun" Wallingford, CT...


David Pack doubling me on acoustic guitar...


Here Comes The Sun guitar strap, too...



"Maybe I'm Amazed"


After the first "A Walk Down Abbey Road" tour was completed in the Summer of 2001,

we did a string of Japan shows that November. We played Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

I got to play piano and sing backup on "Maybe I'm Amazed" while Ann Wilson of Heart sang the hell out of it!

John Entwistle is on bass guitar. Alan Parsons is playing organ. Todd Rundgren is playing rhythm guitar.

David Pack from Ambrosia is on lead guitar. John Beck played tambourine and sang backing vocals.

Taken from a bootleg sent to me by a fan.

Live from Fukuoka Sun Palace November 13th, 2001



Having a laugh with Ann onstage...


Backstage in Japan...


Entwistle, Ann, me, and David Pack



"Eleanor Rigby"


The 2002 "A Walk Down Abbey Road" tour brought a slightly different line up of principal artists to the show.

Todd Rundgren and Alan Parsons remained and Jack Bruce, Mark Farner and Christopher Cross joined us.

Drummer/vocalist Steve Murphy also came onboard. I suggested to Jack Bruce that he consider singing "Eleanor Rigby"

as his "solo" Beatles number for the tour. John Beck and myself split the violin and cello parts between us and played them on synthesisers.

This performance is from June 29th, 2002 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California.



Jack's answer to Paul's violin-shaped Hofner bass...


Playing "synth cellos" behind Jack...


Happy Jack with Christopher Cross & Mark Farner



"Band On The Run"


In January of 2006, John Montagna, Steve Murphy, Manny Focarazzo and myself played a week long engagement at

The Cotton Club in Tokyo, Japan. For six nights, we backed up Alan Parsons and Denny Laine from Wings.

This is a live recording from of one of the shows taken from a bootleg known as the "Tokyo Soundboards".

Check out the bit where Denny goes out in the audience and gets them to sing along... "Band on the Lun"!!!



Onstage at the Cotton Club in Tokyo...


Denny also sang "Go Now" with The Moody Blues...


Signing an autograph for a fan at the hotel...



Miscellaneous Audio "Rarities"


"Peaches And Diesel"

"Cause We've Ended As Lovers"

Written by Eric Clapton/Albhy Galuten


Recorded years ago in my home studio using my

robotic midi programmed backing band...A cover of

a beautiful instrumental ballad from Eric Clapton's 1977 "Slowhand" album.

To get all those authentic "strat" tones, I used a Paul Reed Smith guitar

with special Lindy Frahlin single coil no hum pickups...

(see my PRS guitars page)

I'd love to be able to perform this at one of my Clapton shows someday...



Written by Stevie Wonder


From the same home sessions as Peaches And Diesel...

(and using the same PRS guitar)

...a cover of another beautiful instrumental ballad from Jeff Beck's

1975 "Blow By Blow" album.

I often perform this piece live with the band...





"Red House" with Steve Lukather

"Playin' Second Fiddle " with Phoebe Snow

Written by Jimi Hendrix


Live from the China Club, NYC the night of

February 23rd, 1994...a slightly drunk Steve Lukather on guitar

(he told me he didn't want to get up and play but I begged him)

yelling at Jason Bonham on drums. This was also the first night I ever

jammed with John Entwistle. Eddie Vedder also got up and sang.



Writer Unknown


I was called in by my friend keyboardist/singer Alan St. Jon

to play on a studio demo of a song being considered for a

Robert Deniro film. I played acoustic bottleneck slide guitar,

Alan played piano and Phoebe Snow sang the hell out of it.

It was rejected and never released.

Did I mention the girl can sing?


"Moonlight Sonata"

"When The Sun Comes Up"

Written by Ludwig Van Beethoven


Another home studio demo of a "classic" I arranged and

adapted for lead guitar. Again, I programmed a "midi" piano and

some orchestration. I would definitely like to redo it with

Manny Focarazzo playing a grand piano and put it on a future CD.

(And I don't have to pay anyone any royalties.)



Written by Alan St. Jon/Godfrey Townsend/John Entwistle


This is a vocal ballad that Alan St. Jon and I started writing

during the recording of the John Entwistle Band's "Van-Pires" CD.

I came up with the dual lead vocal (ala Everly Brothers)

and subliminally ripped off one of my favorite songs in the chorus...

(Can you guess which song?)




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