Godfrey Townsend

The First Annual Hippiefest

Summer      2006

Here is a poster from the

Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center in

Gilford, New Hampshire...

...one of 8 shows we did this past August

with the First Annual Hippiefest tour...

We backed up

Felix Cavaliere from The Rascals,

Terry Sylvester from The Hollies,

Joey Molland from Badfinger,

Denny Laine from Moody Blues and Wings

and Mitch Ryder (who was not on this show)...

Other acts on some of the shows were

Canned Heat and Janis Ian.

It was a blast working with all the artists.

Everyone on the tour got along great on and offstage and performed spectacular

every night.

The concept proved successful and will be

playing some more dates this year

as well as carrying on for Summer 2007

with some additional acts.

(To Be Announced)


Some photos from the tour...



Steve Murphy, Corky Laing, Denny Laine,

Joey Molland, Me, John Conte

2 drummers, 3 guitarists and a bass player...

We could be the new Allman Brothers



John Conte with his 

Country Joe McDonald tee shirt and Country Joe outside our dressing room

in Bushkill, PA



My mom with Leslie West

in Brooklyn...I couldn't 

resist this photo opportunity




Ritchie Scarlet, Me, John Conte,

Mitch Ryder, Steve Murphy,

Manny Focarazzo and Corky Laing

(down in front)



Denny Laine and Melanie

backstage at the

Brookhaven Amphitheater, Long Island




Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals

with Leslie West...Far right is

Ron Hausfeld, tour producer




Me and our friend Jeff Burke with

Denny Laine backstage at the 

Brookhaven Amphitheater




Leslie West onstage with Mountain

at Brookhaven Amphitheater

with his signature series

Dean Flying "V"



Melanie onstage with her son, 

Beau Jarred, who is quite

an amazing guitarist...




Onstage with Denny Laine

from Wings...along with

John Conte, Steve Murphy and

Manny Focarazzo



Onstage with Felix Cavaliere

of The Rascals, John Conte on bass

and Vinny Santoro (Felix's drummer)




Backstage with one of my guitar heroes...

Leslie West...he even gave me a lesson

on how to make a guitar squeal...




Joey Molland from Badfinger,

rummaging around in the dressing room...

Joey played and sang great and our

set with him was tight every night...



Terry Sylvester from The Hollies,

I have your laminate and bus key...

It was fun playing "Bus Stop" in the 

pouring rain at the Brooklyn show...



Wavy Gravy, Caroline, and some guy

who looks like he's eaten a lot of Ben & Jerry's

Wavy Gravy flavor Ice Cream




Steve Murphy's dog, "Donut",

Official Hippiefest mascot,

with her All Access laminate