You may ask...


Who is Dudley Edwards?


Back in the "Swinging 60's", Dudley Edwards

was one of the UK's leading "Pop" artists hanging out with The Beatles.

He is probably most recognized for having painted Sir Paul McCartney's psychedelic piano.




“I wrote ‘Getting Better’ on my 'magic' Binder, Edwards & Vaughan piano...

One raised the lid and one heard this magic sound...

...of course the way in which it was painted added to the fun of it all.”
- Sir Paul McCartney


A brief background about Dudley...


After art school in both Halifax and Bradford, Edwards went to London

where he first came to prominence as co-founder of a ground-breaking 'Pop' collective

with fellow artists Douglas Binder (now Curator at Dean Clough in Halifax)

and David Vaughan (father of actress Sadie Frost).


 His work with 'Binder, Edwards & Vaughan' (BEV), would go on to define the era.

'BEV' painted murals in and on houses, designed furniture, and customized cars.


During the mid to late 60’s, Dudley's psychedelic murals appeared everywhere

from the boutiques of Kings Road and Carnaby Street to Paul McCartney’s ‘magic' piano...

...and his collaborations with artists like The Beatles, The Faces and Pete Townshend

are the stuff legends are made of.




A picture postcard of Carnaby Street

showing "Lord John's" mural.


"Lord John's"...a Carnaby Street boutique.





The Dragon Cafe, a macrobiotic restaurant

on King's Road...painted (post BEV)

by Dudley and his partner, Mike McInnerney

...collectively known as "Om Tentacle"







A brush with the Fab Four...


"At one point, I was doing murals for the Beatles. I did a mural in Paul's house

and lived with him for about six months. I later painted a mural for Ringo and lived

with him for a bit as well. This was around the time of  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Paul's girlfriend at the time, actress Jane Asher, was away doing some theatrical production in America."


"Consequently, Paul liked having me around as a sort of companion.

"Every time I got started painting, Paul would say, "Come on, let's go off to the recording studio!

...Come on, lets go off to a nightclub!" or, "I've got a meeting with Epstein, will you come along?"

"When Jane came back, Paul told me that Ringo had wanted a mural too.

So, I went over to live with Ringo."




Ringo's mural...






I read the news today, oh boy...


Dudley did not confine his painting to other people's walls:

"I was painting a car for a guy named Tara Browne (heir to the Guinness fortune)

who was the person mentioned (in A Day In The Life) on the Sgt. Pepper

album for blowing his mind out in a car. He was actually killed in a car crash."


On December 18th 1966, Browne was killed when his Lotus Elan collided with a van

in Earls Court. A month later, John Lennon read a report on the coroner's verdict

in London's "Daily Mail" newspaper and worked the story into "A Day In The Life".

Incidentally, Browne's father was a member of the House of Lords.





He blew his mind out in a car,

He didn't notice that the lights had changed,

A crowd of people stood and stared,

They'd seen his face before,

Nobody was really sure

If he was from the House of Lords.







Dudley and Doug Binder posing with the

Cobra  painted for Tara Browne.



A front end view of Browne's

psychedelic sports car.




Dandy Fashions was also a

boutique in the Kings Road

which was owned jointly by

Tara Browne and John Crittle.

This was the shop where

The Beatles bought most

of their clothes.

Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie

got all their clothes there as well,

including Bowie's famous

Ziggy Stardust outfit.


front: Binder, Edwards & Vaughan

back: Browne (center) & friends




Browne's Dandy Fashions boutique...

Kings Road, Chelsea.



Dedicated Follower Of Fashion...








Another "BEV" creation on wheels

...this one a Buick.

It was featured on the cover of

The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon"

compilation album.

Also pictured in it

(on the left) are

The Move and Roy Wood.




"BEV" were also renowned for their

seminal light shows, the likes of which

had never been seen in the UK.

On January 28th, 1967 they staged

‘The Million Volt Light & Sound Rave’

at London’s Roundhouse

(a former London tram shed turned

psychedelic central)

which featured the only known public airing of

the legendary 'Carnival Of Light' recording;

an experimental sound collage created for the occasion by McCartney during the early

stages of the Sgt. Pepper recording sessions.





Dudley also contributed to Alan Aldridge's book, "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (Volume 2)"

with his own illustrations for "One After 909" and "Come And Get It".


One After 909


Alan Aldridge's

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics 2

Come And Get It




Some very recognizable pop images of Dudley's...










Dudley Edwards in 1967...


Dudley Edwards today...



“Paul took us into his

music room and showed

us around. It has a

piano painted by Dudley.

That piano is the freakiest

thing you’ve ever seen.

It’s lavender, gold, blue,

orange...everything you

could imagine.’s got millions of


- Micky Dolenz of

The Monkees


Dudley and I after the show at the pub in the bed and breakfast next door to

the Picturedrome venue in Holmfirth, UK where I performed with the Sons Of Cream in April of 2013.

Spent a lovely time chatting with him and his wife Madeleine...lovely folks, to say the least.